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    What are Requirements and its Importance

    What are Requirements?

    • Requirements are set of functionalities and constraints that the end-user expects from the system.

    • Constraints, demands, necessities, needs, or parameters that must be met or satisfied, usually within a certain time frame.

    Importance of Requirements

    • Many of the problems encountered in SW development are due to shortcoming in requirement gathering and documentation process.
    • We cannot imagine start building a house without reviewing all the requirements and developing all kinds of maps and layouts but when it comes to software we really do not worry too much about paying attentionsto this important phase.
    • This problem has been studied in great detail and has been noted that 40-60% of all defects found in software projects can be traced back to poor requirements. 
    • Let us try to understand this with the help of an analogy of a house.
    • If we are at an advanced stage of building a house, adding a new room or changing the dimensions of some of the rooms is going to be very difficult and costly.
    • On the other hand if this need is identified when the maps are being drawn, one can fix it at the cost of redrawing the map only.
    • In the case of a software development, we experience the exact same phenomenon
    • if a problem is identified and fixed at a later stage in the software development process, it will cost much more than if it was fixed at and earlier stage.
    • Therefore, Software requirements play the vital role in the entire software development process.

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