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    Software engineer has wider responsibility than an ordinary skilled man. He must behave in an ethical and morally responsible way. He should uphold normal standards of honesty and integrity. He should not use his skills and abilities to behave in a dishonest way or in a way that will bring disrepute to the software engineering profession. Some of these areas are :

    1. Confidentiality (Privacy): He should normally respect the confidentiality of his employers or clients irrespective of whether or not a formal confidentiality agreement has been signed.

    2. Competence:(proficiency) He should not misrepresent your level of competence. He should not knowingly accept work that is outside your competence.

    3. Copy rights Laws: He should be aware of copy rights laws. He should be careful to ensure that the intellectual property of employers and clients is protected.

    4. Computer misuse: He should not use his technical skills to misuse other people’s computers. Computer misuse ranges from playing games on an employer’s machine to dissemination of viruses etc.

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