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    Software Development

    Software Development

    • Software engineering is nothing but a disciplined approach to develop software.
    • There are some of the activities involved in the course of software development.
    • The activities involved in software development can broadly be divided into two major categories.

    • Construction
    • Management


    The construction activities are those that directly related to the development of software, e.g. gathering the requirements of the software, develop design, implement and test the software etc. Some of the major construction activities are listed below.

    • Requirement Gathering
    • Design Development
    • Coding
    • Testing


    Management activities are kind of umbrella activities that are used to smoothly and successfully perform the construction activities e.g. project planning, software quality assurance etc. Some of the major management activities are listed below.

    • Project Planning and Management.
    • Configuration Management.
    • Software Quality Assurance.
    • Installation and Training.

    Construction is surrounded by management activities. That is, all construction activities are governed by certain processes and rules. These processes and rules are related to the management of the construction activities and not the construction itself.

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