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    Software Development Loop

    Software Development Loop

    Software development activities could be performed in a cyclic and that cycle is called software development loop.

    • Problem Definition: In this stage we determine what is the problem against which we are going to develop software. Here we discuss the issues and requirements of the software system to build.

    • Technical Development: In this stage we try to find the solution of the problem on technical grounds. This is the stage where a new system is actually developed that solves the problem defined in the first stage.

    • Solution Integration: If there are already developed system(s) available with which our new system has to interact then those systems should also be the part of our new system. All those existing system(s) integrate with our new system at this stage.

    • Status Quo: After going through the previous three stages successfully, when we actually deployed the new system at the user site then that situation is called status quo. But once we get new requirements then we need to change the status quo.

    After getting new requirements we perform all the steps in the software development loop again. The software developed through this process has the property that this could be evolved and integrated easily with the existing systems.

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