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    Software Crisis


    In 1960s a great amount of rapid improvement was made in hardware. New hardware and new computer systems were made available. These computer systems were far more powerful than the computers of early fifties.
    - More powerful hardware resulted into the development of more powerful and complex software. Those complex software was very difficult to write. Because:
    - Tools & Techniques that were used to develop small software were not applicable for large software systems.
    Which suffered a kind of problem known as Software Crisis., Which leads to the following consequences :
    - In most of the cases that software which was tried to be build using those old tools and techniques were not complete - Most of the times it was delivered too late.
    - Most of the projects were over-budgeted.
    - And in most of the case systems build using these techniques were not reliable
    – meaning that they were not be able to do what they were expected to do.
    - As a result of these above problems, a conference were held in 1960 in which the terms software crisis and software Engineering were introduced.
    - And the major issue discussed was that the development of software is in crisis and are not able to handle its complexities. And the term of Software Engineering was coined(created) in the same conference.
    - In this conference, People have said that, we should use engineering principles in developing software in the same way as we use these principles in developing cars, buildings, electronic devices etc. 
    - Software engineering is the result of software crisis when people realized that it is not possible to construct complex software using the techniques applicable in 1960s. An important result of this conference was that people had realized that just coding is not enough.

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