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    Role of Requirements

    Role of Requirements

    • Software requirements document plays the central role in the entire software development process.

    • To start with the project planning phase, a good understanding of the requirements is needed to determine the time and resources required to build the software.

    • As a result of this analysis, the scope of the failure system may be reduced before embarking upon the software development.

    • Once these requirements have been finalized, the construction process starts.

    • During this phase the software engineer starts designing and coding the software. Once again, the requirement document serves as the base reference document for these activities.

    • It can be clearly seen that other activities such as user documentation and testing of the system would also need this document.

    • On the other hand, the project manager would need this document to monitor and track the progress of the project.

    • And if needed, change the project scope by modifying this document through the change control process. 

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