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    REQUIREMENTS ENGINEERING (Software Specification)

    REQUIREMENTS ENGINEERING (Software Specification)

    • Requirement engineering (Software specification) is the process of finding out, analyzing, documenting and checking services and constraints.

    • Requirements engineering is the process of understanding and defining what services are required from the system and identifying the constraints on the system’s operation and development.

    • Requirement engineering mainly deals with the definition phase of the system.

    • Requirement engineering is the name of the process when the system services and constraints are established.

    • It is the starting point of the development process with the focus of activity on what and not how.

    • Therefore, requirements must not include design or implementation details and the focus should always remain on what to build and not how to build.

    • Requirements engineering is an vary important phase of the software process .

    • If errors are not mentioned at this phase, it will inevitably lead to later problems in the system design and implementation.

    • The requirements engineering process aims to produce an agreed requirements document that specifies a system satisfying stakeholder requirements.

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