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    Requirement Elicitation Process

    Requirement Elicitation Process

    • Requirements discovery (sometime called requirements elicitation) is the process of gathering information about the required system and existing systems, and refine the user and system requirements from this information.

    • It is the process to find out the requirements for an intended software system by communicating with client, end users, system users, and others.

    • You interact with stakeholders through interviews and observation and you may use scenarios and prototypes to help stakeholders to understand what the system will be like.

    • Requirements gathering - The developers discuss with the client and end users and know their expectations from the software.

    • Organizing Requirements - The developers prioritize and arrange the requirements in order of importance, urgency and convenience.

    • Negotiation & discussion - The requirements come from various stakeholders. To remove the ambiguity and conflicts, they are discussed for clarity and correctness. Unrealistic requirements are compromised reasonably.

    • Documentation - All formal and informal, functional and non-functional requirements are documented and 4/8/2019 made available for next phase processing.

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