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    A Software Engineering Framework

    A Software Engineering Framework

    Any Engineering approach must be founded on organizational commitment to quality.
    That means the software development organization must have special focus on quality while performing the software engineering activities.
    Based on this commitment to quality by the organization, a software engineering framework is proposed that is shown in the figure.

    • Quality Focus: As discussed, the given framework is based on the organizational commitment to quality. The quality focus demands that processes be defined for rational and timely development of software. And quality should be emphasized while executing these processes.

    • Processes: The processes define the tasks to be performed and the order in which they are to be performed.
    The processes are set of key process areas (KPAs) for effectively manage and deliver quality software in a cost effective manner.

    • Methods: Methods provide the technical “how-to’s” to carryout these tasks. There could be more than one technique to perform a task and different techniques could be used in different situations.

    • Tools: Tools provide support for software processes, methods, and quality control.

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