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    Gmail Notifier Pro Download

    Download Gmail Notifier Pro
    Gmail notifier is a application That track all your Gmail account and alert you whenever you have new message. It is a very usefull software to keep in tuch with all your gmail account without checking them one by one.


    • Counter unread emails 
    • Tray icon and Sound alerts 
    • Can Delete emails or mark as read 
    • Read body and email headers 
    • Connectivity of IMAP over SSL 
    • easy and Fast Gmail login 
    • Multiple accounts Support
    • UTF-8 emails Support 
    • Mailto links Support 
    • Google Apps Support 
    • Indicator of attachments 
    • 100% free from spy and spam 
    • Version Auto updates 
    • Make topmost window
    • Auto Run at start up
                                                              Download Gmail Notifier Pro

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