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    Android Phoenix OS for x86 Pc/Laptop

    Download and Install Android Phoenix OS for x86 Pc/Laptop

    The Phoenix OS(x86) can be used on Intel x86 series CPU devices. It can be installed for operation on hard disk without affecting the system of original document.

    Recommende Setting for System:
    Intel x86 processor computers and internal storage over 2 GB over the last five years.

    Phoennix Os Version: V 3.0.8
    Based on Version: Android 7.1

    Download the Phoenix OS setup program( x86). Double click Windows setup program. Choose the installation method from the USB drive or install it on the operating interface on the hard disk.


    • You should back up even if the original data is not affected by the installation of the system on the hard disk.
    • We recommend that you use the system on devices that have the best compatibility with the Intel Atom series CPUs.
    • When installing the system on a USB drive, we recommend that you use a high- performance USB drive with a capacity of over 6G. The low- speed USB drives are stuck and work slowly, affecting the experience of the user.
                                                          Download Exe Installer
                                                            Download Iso Image

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